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Retaining Walls Raleigh, NC

Retaining walls serve multiple functions and have been around for centuries and will continue to be a standard feature used on properties throughout North Carolina. If your property is on a slope or you begin to notice some erosion, then it’s time to look into adding a retaining wall. These walls provide soil retention and will help prevent the existing soil from eroding away due to natural occurrences such as heavy rainfall and gravity over time. If your property has a slope or your home was built on the side of a hill, then a retaining wall may be an excellent option for your property. Not only do retaining walls hold back dirt, water, or vegetation; they also make attractive sitting walls and provide a unique look at existing landscaping.

​Adding a retaining wall provides more than just safety and protection for your property. Whether you’re adding a terrace or raised flower bed, at Raleigh Hardscapes, we will take into consideration the other landscape design elements and make the design flow together nicely which will enhance the overall look of your property and add value to your home as well.​

Raleigh Retaining Walls

​Our professional masons are highly qualified to design and install retaining walls as well as sitting walls. While the design of the retaining wall design tends to be according to your property’s natural contour; there is still plenty of room to customize and create and a personal touch. At one time, retaining walls often looked dull and industrial. Fortunately, in today’s newer hardscapes market we can offer a wide variety of sizes, styles, and colors to enhance the appearance of both the retaining wall, sitting wall and to your outdoor living space in general.

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Sitting Walls Raleigh

​​Hiring a professional hardscapes company to design and install your retaining wall for your Raleigh home is highly recommended due to the degree of experience and engineering that is often required. We have many years of experience with fabricating structures that serve an essential purpose functionally as well as being visually pleasing. We always use environmentally safe materials to build our retaining walls and sitting walls to maintain our ecologically friendly approach.

Raleigh Hardscapes has been designing and installing eye-catching and functional retaining walls and sitting walls in the Triangle area for many years. We are an experienced team of hardscaping experts that specialize in making the finished product both customized to the requirements of the land regulations and personalized to your design preferences so that you will be pleased with the result every time you look across your property.

Retaining Wall Installation Raleigh, NC

​Give us a call today at 919-561-6458 or fill out the contact form at the top of the page and let us help design and build a beautiful looking Raleigh retaining wall or sitting wall for your property. With your ideas and our experience, you are sure to have a retaining wall that will serve its purpose while looking tremendous or a sitting wall that will be comfortable and relaxing.

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